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Recorra la Ciudad de Nueva York al estilo VIP! Una visita privada de la ciudad en una limusina, champaña y cena en uno de los mejores clubes de jazz de Nueva York, le prometen una noche inolvidable!


¡Gracias Harlem Spirituals! Hicieron de nuestra estadía en Nueva York una de nuestras mejores experiencias de viaje.

Carlos, España

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Looking for an exclusive and marked NYC experience? STOP here! You’ve arrived at the ultimate destination for distinctive and VIP NYC Tours! Regardless of how many times you may have traveled to NYC, you’ve never been immersed in an indulgent and yet authentic NYC experience like you will have when you come along on our VIP NYC Tours. As a VIP, you will help customize your experience, and we are happy to bring your visions to life. Feel like bring the crew along to partake in a little luxury? Pack your camera-ready wardrobe, and bring your nearest and dearest along on our, Champagne and Limo Private Tour (2 or 3 hours). Just imagine, elegantly cruising through quintessential Manhattan, soaking in the beauty while relaxing and sipping champagne! Move about freely for tons of photo ops and memories, as your private limo takes you up close to sites like the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the World Financial Center. Maybe you are looking for something unexpected and desire to jump outside the box…then embark on our meticulously crafted, VIP Bronx and Lunch at City Island Private Tour! Our home-grown tour guides will escort you along on this intriguing, VIP experience, where you’ll spend a full day immersed in the Seaside neighborhoods and lesser-known historic landmarks, whilst uncovering all the hidden gems that shout authentic Bronx. When you choose to journey with us on an NYC Tour, you’ve elected to begin THE authentic and simultaneously unique NYC experience…why not take the leap and go next level on a VIP Private NYC Tour, and make Manhattan, the Bronx, Harlem, or Brooklyn, yours and yours alone? Oh, of course, we’d love it for you to bring your loved ones too, because there’s no better way to make NYC yours, than as family or with great friends on any of our VIP NYC Tours! Please click on any of the highlights above, or contact us at info@harlemspirituals.com for more information.

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