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Experimente una de las vistas y atracciones más impresionantes de la Gran Manzana por aire, tierra y mar, o pruebe una de nuestras salidas de un día fuera de la ciudad!


¡Gracias Harlem Spirituals! Hicieron de nuestra estadía en Nueva York una de nuestras mejores experiencias de viaje.

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With NYC sightseeing tours, you will experience the true essence of NYC, as you dabble in the art, cuisine, and iconic landscapes that transport us across time and space for immersion into almost every culture on earth. Sound fantastic? Then join us on any of our NYC Sightseeing Tours! That’s right, NYC Tours offers something for EVERYONE, with dozens of multifaceted options for sightseeing in NYC and beyond! Our original and specialized NYC tours can be experienced as group or a private VIP… by land, air, sea, or even horse… and in your choice of languages with our multilingual, homegrown tour guides, who are as diverse as NYC itself! NYC sightseeing tours even offers day trips outside of the NYC area; including trekking the sacred ground of the Freedom Trail in Boston MA, or soaring over Upstate NY and Canada to experience the wonder of Niagara Falls from all vantage points. Bringing the kids along? NYC Tours will guide your family to sites like the home of the USS Intrepid, the vessel that withstood 3 major wars, as well as the most controversial and unnerving decades in American history. Are you a seasoned Manhattan traveler? Then try an off-the-beaten path tour, and be awed by the striking art installations displayed at Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens, or by the poignant Grand Concourse in the Bronx. If you are a foodie, you must indulge in the timeless recipes entrusted to us through worldwide lineages, and experience our Uptown and Harlem Food Tour, or our BBQ and BBQ- Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens Tour. If the storytelling of the big or small screens moves you, be in your element and enjoy the expertise of our NYC Tour guides on one of our artfully crafted movie and television based NYC tours. Maybe it will be your first time in the Big Apple, and you want to graze all the cornerstones of authentic NYC…well, nothing spells authenticity like our rookie-centric NYC sightseeing tours! Please click on any of the highlights above, or contact us at info@harlemspirituals.com for more information.

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